Major types of domestic water purifiers

Major types of domestic water purifiers

These days; having a water purifier at home is very important. Water pollutions has become much higher and drinking contaminated water on a regular basis can affect the health of an individual and their family members. Water purifiers can remove the dirt and contaminations present in water to return safe and healthy water to drink.

There are mainly four types of water filters that are used mostly in domestic purposes. They are as follows:

Gravitational Domestic Water Filter

It is a very simple kind of water filter which mainly uses the sediment plus activated carbon filter so that it can remove the mud, sand and some microbial as well as chemical contaminations present in the water. This is a certain kind of domestic water filter which does not need any kind of electricity to run and filter the regular tap water. It also has more than one storage tank where it can store water after the filtration process is over.

Reverse Osmosis Domestic Water Purifier

The term reverse osmosis is also popularly known as the RO technology and most water filters these days are based on this process. In this case just the opposite happens of the simple process of osmosis. In case of a simple osmosis the flow of the solvent molecules go from low concentration of solute to high concentration of solute and on the other hand, in the reverse osmosis technology the flow of the water is from the high concentration of the solute to the low concentration of the solute. It is the best acquired technology that can remove the dissolved salts and other impurities from water.

UV Domestic Water Purifier

It is another kind of water filter which is mainly used to remove all the biological contaminations that are present in regular tap water. Here, the UV rays mostly kill all the micro organisms that are dissolved in tap water and they produce fresh water out of it. But the major problem about this water filter is, it only deals with the biological contaminations that are present in water but they never clear the other contaminations that are present there.

RO plus UV Domestic Water Purifier

This is an advanced water purifier that has a combination of both RO and UV technology and this one is very much effective to remove most of the contaminations from water.

Major types of domestic water purifiers

These are the major types of water purifiers that are available in the market and one can pick their type depending on their necessity and the water quality level available in the area they stay.

Water purifiers are durable in nature but one has to keep cleaning the filters at a regular interval in order to keep the machine clean and so that it can keep delivering safe and healthy water. If there are other problems in the machine then there is Eureka Forbes RO service centre Bhubaneswar from where one can seek help. They are prompt and ready to help their customers always and provide proper services as and when required.